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The first day signals a time for gearing up for hard classes, meeting new friends and pursuing new goals. When no one can identify with your exact struggle or figure out how to even address it? You may find yourself alone, alienated, and unwillingly silenced. This is what it is like to be the only black person in a class. I have experienced this a number of times after three years here at The Capstone; walking into a small class early, and praying for another person of color to walk in the room only to be ultimately disappointed when I slowly realize this is going to be another long and lonely semester.

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Being the only black person in a class can definitely be awkward. When topics of race come up you will be the only one to speak up from the side of all POCs. You may find yourself longing for diversity in certain curriculum. Or you may simply just be ignored with no one knowing exactly how to approach you or feeling comfortable enough to even do so.

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But it is still a way to avoid being forced to go through the class alone. UA is 80 percent white with all other minorities making up 20 percent of the rest of the student demographics. While African Americans make up the highest percentage of minority students at If UA made more of a point to make sure that not only the university was diverse, but also each class, the divide may not feel as severe. Creating spaces and outlets for POC to come together and celebrate one another instead of leaving us to make up spaces all on our own from the ground up would also help.

These students were also marginally more likely to ask questions and talk about school subjects out of class. Although enrolling in college effect is a positive outcome, one concern, according to the researchers, is that the main enrollment effect is driven by students choosing community college, where degrees aren't as lucrative as those from four-year colleges. It's also unclear because of incomplete data how many of the students from the study who enrolled in college eventually graduated.

When you're the only black kid in your class

Despite clear benefits for black students from same-race teachers, diversifying the education workforce so that every black student in the United States could have one would mean doubling the current number of black teachers, the researchers say. To put this into context, that would require 8 percent of all black college graduates to become teachers.

Given low teacher pay, if that many black college graduates went into education, it would cut roughly one billion dollars from the already languishing cumulative black income. Regarding teacher expectations, Papageorge and Gershenson previously found that when evaluating the same black student, white teachers expected significantly less academic success than black teachers. Now the researchers show compelling evidence that these biases affect whether students make it to college, graduate, and begin their adult life focused on a career.

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They may conclude college isn't something to strive for. Black teachers can counteract that view, acting as role models that provide a clear example that black students can go to college. Tagged education , economics , race. Black students who have one black teacher are more likely to go to college Positive outcomes sparked by same-race role models can last into adulthood and potentially shrink educational attainment gap, study finds. Image credit : Getty Images.

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The W. Kellogg Foundation reports that two-thirds of all black households donate to charitable causes. But how much of it goes to higher education? Student loan debt in the U. Looking at data, This includes graduates from all colleges — public as well as private — but not community colleges.

Of course, the debt load for black students goes far beyond one graduating class.

10 Things Every Black Student Who Attends A PWI Understands First Hand

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