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Jason and I have an honest discussion about sex magick, what it is, what it isn't, and we learn another reason why it's best to avoid touching someone else's magickal tools. I am your bewitching, bald headed host Chris Orapello and tonight, we travel to the land of fae once again to attend FaerieCon East where I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing beloved Appalachian Folk Magic practitioner and author Byron Ballard. Byron and I had a fun discussion about her book Staubs and Ditchwater: A Friendly and Useful Introduction to Hillfolk's Hoodoo as well as talk about her background, experiences, and thoughts in regards to practicing witchcraft and the art and drama of religious ritual in paganism today.

Tonight, we travel to the land of fae to attend FaerieCon East where I had the unexpected pleasure of interviewing beloved author Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor-Grimassi of House of Grimassi in front of a live audience. He is a member of the American Folklore Society and is co-founder and co-director of the Crossroads Fellowship, a modern Mystery School tradition. He lives in Springfield, MA. For the first time in more than a decade, Grimassi introduces readers to a new system of witchcraft, one that draws upon the old ways and the old days.

Rich with spells, rituals, and detailed illustrations of plant spirits, Grimassi dares readers to take the path that leads deep into the darkened woods—to traverse upon the Thorned Path. Meet the entities that dwell within the organic memory of the earth, the devas, the deities, the magical life force that lies within the wooded glen. Learn to work with these spirits, and use their wisdom to transform your life and your practice.

Peter and I had a great conversation about witchcraft and his thoughts on deity, the mysteries, his work, and what he had planned in the future. Peter was very big on utilizing technology in his teaching and in making himself available to the rest of the community. However, the heartbreaking reality of this interview is that Peter passed away quietly in his sleep three days after I spoke with him. His family made an announcement online about his passing and an obituary for him was written by Heather Greene for The Wild Hunt. My heart goes out to him and his family during this time.

As you will hear in my discussion with him, he was extremely honest and friendly and had a lot of knowledge and experience to share. He touched the lives of many, including myself, with his show and teachings and he will sorely be missed. Farewell Peter. The music featured in this episode. We have a great, friendly, and open discussion as we go into her experiences with writing the book as well as delving into some of the more controversial aspects of her book, like ritual drug use, such as the incorporation of intoxicants and entheogens, and the heavy topic of sex in initiation within certain forms of traditional based Wicca.

In this contemporary take on the Eightfold Way, author, Witch, and High Priestess Lady Sable Aradia invites readers to explore the eight different components of evolution in witchcraft. From spells to sex rites to trance to flying ointments, Lady Sable has created a step-by-step guide to mastering the advanced arts of witchery.

Hello and thank you for joining me down at the crossroads for some music, magick, and Paganism where witches gather for the sabbath, offerings are made, pacts are signed for musical fame and we cross paths with today's most influential Pagans, occultists, and deep thinkers. Tonight, we meet with the humble and always relevant founding editor of the Wild Hunt Blog Jason Pitzl-Waters to discuss his work, his very personal post titled The 3rd Degree: Exploitation and Initiation, as well as his Wild Hunt editorial Wagging the Dog, and we close with a glimpse into the upcoming event FaerieCon East which I look forward to attending.

Jason and I have a great discussion and cover some heavy topics concerning the future of the Pagan community. Hello and thank you for joining me Down at the Crossroads for some Music, Magick, and Paganism where witches gather for the sabbath, offerings are made, pacts are signed for musical fame and we cross paths with today's most influential Pagans, Occultists, and deep thinkers.

Erick and I have a great discussion about his path, his view of the Goddess, and being a priest of the Goddess in today's world. A popular blogger in the Pagan community, he is most known for Alone in Her Presence, a blog - turned book - turned column, now hosted on Patheos. As writer, he has contributed to numerous anthologies including surviving sexual trauma, race relations, and children's faith development.

Tonight we meet with former Patheos. Sam is also the President and Executive Director of the Pantheon Foundation, whose mission is to provide organizational support for the practice of Pagan religion and the fostering of Pagan Ministry. To study the history, promote the culture, and advance the social welfare of Pagans and the Pagan community.

Sam Webster, M. Ronald Hutton. His work has been published in a number of journals such as Green Egg and Gnosis, and saw his first book Tantric Thelema, establishing the publishing house Concrescent Press. He authors two blogs, Arkadian Anvil and Pagan Restoration. I spoke with Devin back in March about the state of the community. This is one conversation that may turn some heads and incite some feedback. We discuss current issues such as British Traditional Wicca and his issues with it as a gay man, Wiccanate Privilege, the LGBT Pagan community and what it may not be doing, and finally where he thinks the pagan community should be heading in the future.

We also get to hear about his up coming projects and his online witchcraft academy starting in June called Black Rose Witchcraft and more, blessed be! Hello and thank you once again for joining me Down at the Crossroads where witches gather for the sabbath, offerings are made, pacts are signed for musical fame and we cross paths with today's most influential Pagans, Occultists, and deep thinkers.

I am your lovable, hug-able host Chris Orapello and tonight, we meet with the loving and enchanting Australian visionary songstress Wendy Rule to discuss her recent escapades and activities, her thoughts on the Pagan community, and her popular online course Living a Life of Magic which will be entering into its third year. All this and more, enjoy! Deepen your connection with Self, Nature, Community, and Spirit and discover the unique Magic within you. Together we will create a focused and vibrant community of fellow spiritual journeyers, which will enable us to share our knowledge, exchange ideas, and create lasting connections.

Hello and thank you for joining me Down at the Crossroads where witches gather for the sabbath, offerings are made, pacts are signed for musical fame and we cross paths with today's most influential Pagans, Occultists, and deep thinkers. I am your host with the most Chris Orapello and tonight, we meet with author and teacher Shauna Aura Knight to discuss problems and leadership in the Pagan community and her workshops at this year's PantheaCon.

Are you a good leader? Are you sure? Well, regardless, we all can learn something about being better at what we do because being better only helps us and our community to prosper and grow. Hello and thank you for joining me Down at the Crossroads where we turn the pagan community on its head to watch it flail about like a beetle on its back.. This is one heavy in your face conversation where we also discuss the Pagan community and where it may be heading. You might be surprised! DatC - Sarah Anne Lawless.

Thank you for joining me Down at the Crossroads where we have the conversations that the pagan community needs to have. Because as you know, we are, "Pagan culture for the Seasoned Pagan. She is a carver, painter, and illustrator working in the mediums of bone, wood, ink and paint creating original artwork, talismans, and ritual tools. Sarah is an animist, initiated witch, and wortcunner with a love of otherworldly beauty, folklore, mythology, poisonous plants, wildcrafting, wild places, and bones.

Sharon and I even had a great discussion about some Pagan community issues and the development of modern Pagan culture. San Francisco songstress Sharon Knight is a Celtic folk singer in leather armbands. She plays octave mandolin as if it were an electric guitar and sings as though she means to summon a storm. All this and more in our latest gathering down at the crossroads. DatC - Black Snake Rules. In this episode, we meet with passionate and empowering, Australian Visionary Songstress Wendy Rule and discuss her upcoming album titled Black Snake as well as exclusively hear several new tracks from it.

We also discuss her making of the album and get to hear about her future escapades with recent show guest Kellianna down in Australia where they will be headlining the Australian Goddess Conference as well as touring the country over the next few weeks. Be sure to support Wendy through her Pozible fundraiser and get your copy of her album Black Snake before the official release of it in November.

Make your friends jealous. Trust me, it's fun. Along with hearing some new and some treasured music by Wendy, during the episode we also get to hear songs by Faun, The Familiars, and Kellianna. DatC - Traditions with Kellianna. We mix tradition and eclecticism with well known and beloved singer, songwriter, and chantress Kellianna and we get to hear some great musical renditions from her recent album titled Traditions which is a collection of Traditional songs featuring duets with Wendy Rule, Jenna Greene, and Kenny Klein. Be sure to also check out her live DVD available on her website.

With guitar and vocals she brings to life the stories and sagas of the Gods and Goddesses. With Native American frame drum and chant she honors the Earth and the Ancestors via primal drumming and powerful vocals. Some people have all the fun! In this episode, we get a little nerd-core as we cross paths with the eventful geek, Druid, and Pagan Jeff Mach who is behind such successful east coast gatherings as The Steampunk World's Fair, The Wicked Renaissance Fair, and his latest cultural homage to geekdom with the Geek Creation Show!

Along with his events, we also discuss the crossover that often exists between geek culture and Paganism and if I could, every download of this episode would come with it's own slice of bacon unless of course you don't eat bacon, in which case I would just recommend that you pass the bacon onto someone who does. DatC - The Wonders of S. Tucker to talk about the recent soundtrack she did for the independent film Ember Days as well as discuss her upcoming new album Wonders of which we will be exclusively premiering several songs from in this episode.

Since we will be speaking about two separate albums by S. Besides being my first time speaking with S. Tucker, which I was thrilled about, this is also the first time in the new format where we take the opportunity to discuss and reflect upon the Pagan community and it's great to hear what she had to say about it. And if you like what you heard in the interview, be sure to checkout his blog The Archdruid Report today! Tucker Faun Robin Hellier. DatC Podcast Promo. Podcast Announcement. A formal announcement about the show format change as well as the show name and goal. The conversations are sure to be inspiring, insightful, entertaining, and always engaging.

Blessed be! Lee identifies as a pagan animist — witch and runs a blog titled My Craft and Sullen Art where she identifies herself as a Traditional Witch, non traditional dichotomy-smasher, line-blurrer, bone-singer, folk-healer, head-bender, and sometimes poet. In A Corner in the Occult, we learn about Scottish witch Isobel Gowdie who was tried for witchcraft back in the 17th century.

One of most of the witchcraft confessions obtained in trials from the past centuries, Isobel Gowdie's, a flaming red haired woman from Auldearn, Scotland, is said to be the most elaborate and compelling and offers a unique look at what Scottish Witchcraft may have been like.

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And in The Essence of Magick Series, we consider the values and issues surrounding authenticity. The desire for truth and the concern for authenticity in one's spiritual and religious practice, has a tendency to even filter into one's personal magickal practice. Which begs the question, what does it mean for one's magick to be considered as authentic? Does this issue refer to history and the accuracy of a practice or does it refer to the level of sincerity behind the act? All this an more in this episode of The Infinite and the Beyond. In the latest episode of The Infinite and the Beyond, we speak with author, teacher, and sorcerer Jason Miller about his work and his new book Financial Sorcery, magical strategies to create real and lasting wealth.

In this episode we speak with Australian visionary songstress Wendy Rule and have a very enjoyable time with her as we discuss her work; her online course Living a Life of Magick; hanging out with the fae; her future album and her current US tour. All while being completely captivated by her music which plays throughout the episode. All this and more in this haunting and inspiring episode with the lovely Wendy Rule! In A Corner in the Occult we learn about the life of beloved weird fiction author H. All this and more in this installment of The Infinite and the Beyond!

It's election time! Are you a voter? Are you voting? Well, before you decide, you should explore your options by checking out our interview with Joseph Thiebes about the Ordo Templi Orientis, his Aleister Crowley presidential campaign, and the ideas regarding authority You just might change your mind! Later in the show we discuss Sympathetic Magick and how it effects our everyday lives as we look into The Essence of Magick.

And we get to hear some great music by our featured artist Ralph Buckley. Featured Artist: Ralph Buckley.

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Credits: Podsafe Audio, Music Alley. In this episode we explore magick and creativity as we speak with the mysterious electronic music composer Alka who was kind of enough to come on the show and share his music with us which is featured throughout the episode. Highly influential to artists and occultists, Blake has been a focus for scholars since his death as he continues to fascinate and inspire new generations.

Have you ever considered the phrase itself and what exactly it implies as a practitioner of magick? Find out in this episode! Also during the show, I read listener email, we hear a great track by Donna Lewis and to close we revisit the ideas of Free Will, Magick, and Deity.

Do you have free will in regards to your personal religious theology?

Practical Heathen's Guide Asatru

If so, what does this mean in how you view deity? Find out this and more in this electronic episode! In this episode we discuss gods and aliens and the ideas surrounding Ancient Astronaut Theory. Do you believe in extra-terrestrials? Do you think they visited and helped ancient human civilizations? Are you a supporter of Ancient Astronaut Theory? If your answer is a resounding YES, then this episode is not for you, because I take a look into some of the propositions made by Ancient Astronaut Theorists and offer my thoughts on the matter which may not jive with you and your alien putty, but do not worry there is always Stonehenge!

Later in the episode, I discuss the only alien abduction case I have helped with as a paranormal investigator. Hear the details as I share my diagnosis and methods of addressing the issue in my effort to help a friend. We hear a track from our featured artist and future guest Alka, an electronic music composer who incorporates magick, occultism, and estoric practices and systems into his music making process. We discuss evocation in the Essence of Magick. I read listener email and talk about James Randi. We see which two lucky listeners won copies of Etched Offerings, and to close we ponder the origin of deity.

This episode is really out of this world! In this episode we have a revealing and compelling conversation with occult author Taylor Ellwood about his new book Magical Identity. How can we apply magic in relation to our identity and how does our identity relate to the practice of magick? During his unusual life, the three books he published during his life, Initiation into Hermetics, The Practice of Magical Evocation and The Key to the True Qabbalah are said to be a complete course in magick.

In The Essence of Magick we discuss magickal names. Found in many traditions and religions of the world, is the practice of taking on a new name. What is the essence of the magical name in relation to magick and the practitioner? Come and explore this topic with us. I also read listener email and have an announcement to make about the future of the podcast.

All this and more in this latest installment of The Infinite and the Beyond! In this episode we speak with fellow podcaster Oraia Helene from Between the Earth and Stars and talk about her recent changes with her name, doing her shows, how she balances her scientific side with her magickal side, and to close we discuss her work as a writer and podcaster and have a great time while doing it. In A Corner in the Occult, we learn about Scientist, Thelemite and 20th century Occultist Jack Parsons who, interestingly enough, has a crater on the moon named after him.

Listen and found out why! To know, to dare, to will, to keep silent, and to go are crucial to the developing student of mysticism. Also in the episode we feature a great song from the Philadelphia band Espers an emerging indie band and we close the show with a special musical holiday treat from SCHOLAR the occultist and rapper. All this and more in this delightful episode! In this episode we look into the history of The Kybalion with author Philip Deslippe, who wrote the extensive introduction for the newly released book The Kybalion, The Definitive Edition.

In the early episodes of this podcast we went through The Kybalion and the seven hermetic laws that it discusses. Not only was Case an initiate of the famous Alpha et Omega and even a Freemason, but he was also the founder of the Builders of the Adytum an Order following in the tradition of the Western Esoteric Tradition which still exists to this day.

Later in the show we discuss the magickal altar in The Essence of Magick, read some listener email and embrace some wonderful music by featured artist Jasmine Commerce. All this and more in this great informative episode! Many find his books on magick and religion uplifting and at times pertinent to their growing views on life and existence.

Are you happy?

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Are you flourishing? How would you define and list your values and virtues? Would you say that they are serving you and your life beneficially? Learn about virtue and Eudaimonia and how your life lives up to the teachings of Aristotle and other philosophers. See how some of the new virtue systems found in modern Paganism stand in comparison to a tried and true system which comes from Plato as we find an elementary way to update it for modern use.

Later in the show, I read listener email and we look at the history of the five elements in The Essence of Magick. Find out where the five elements of western occultism come from and how they came to be used in ritual magick. And to close we discuss suicide, assisted suicide and how they exist in relation to Paganism.

Have you ever had someone in your life kill themselves? How do the issues associated with suicide and assisted suicide relate to Paganism? In this episode we look into the popular issues with conspiracy theories and uncover the truth behind what they are. Is the government really spying us? Do conspiracy theories actually reveal anything significant or is there something deeper and more personal behind their existence in the world?

In A Corner in the Occult we visit early 20th century Germany and discuss the Nazis and the issues pertaining to their possible involvement with occultism. Many people like to attribute their rise to power and the events pertaining to the Second World War to their involvement in the occult arts and even demonic influence. We also read some listener email and in The Essence of Magick we talk about visualization and astral projection. Learn why visualization is so important to the magickal arts and learn how to astral project in this episode's installment of this great and informative series!

And to close, we finish the episode with a look into the ever present concern and pursuit for world peace. Take a new perspective on issues surrounding world peace and why it may not be the easiest thing to accomplish after all despite what some people say. Janet shares with us some of her experiences and insights as a registered Yoga instructor and Reiki Master. He is often argued by some to have contributed greatly to the fall of the Romanov Dynasty in , which was the last dynasty to rule over Russian.

There is no such thing as a house in the actual heavens. The outer planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto cannot even be seen with the naked eye Uranus is barely visible under ideal seeing conditions , yet they are treated by modern astrologers as equal in importance to the inner planets, even though before the year William Herschel discovered Uranus they were totally unknown. It is my own view that the stars and planets in the heavens do not exert physical influences upon human behavior and the natural world.

For this reason I believe all attempts to make modern astrology more scientific by including the outer planets, or by using ever more precise measurements of position, by creating unequal house systems, and so on, are futile. Astrology was as accurate five centuries ago as it is today, perhaps more accurate. That great student of astrology, psychoanalyst Carl Jung, acknowledged the validity of astrology, but denied that it stems from stellar and planetary positions.

Occult Faces

Referring to the precession of the equinoxes, which over time has displaced the actual signs of the zodiac from their astrological positions, Jung remarked in a letter: The fact that astrology nevertheless yields valid results proves that it is not the apparent positions of the stars which work, but rather the times which are measured or determined by arbitrarily named stellar positions.

Although I deny the direct physical influence of the stars and planets upon our daily lives, I do not reject astrology as a system of divination. It appears to me perfectly possible that this ancient symbolic system of analysis can offer many useful insights into human nature, and even foreshadow future events and conditions. In this respect, I place astrology in exactly the same class as the I Ching, Tarot, and other oracles. To reject astrology merely because there is no physical evidence of a link between the planets and effects on Earth is to throw the baby out with the bath water.

Astrology is a mental construction that functions within the psyche through the medium of symbols and their interaction. It is not a description of physical relationships between heavenly bodies. If the symbols of the signs and planets on an astrological chart are not to be based upon the positions of the actual stars and planets in the heavens, another mechanism must be used to locate them.

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It must be something that carries an equal weight of authority if it is to be relied upon for answers to important questions that may affect the future lives of human beings. He recognized the usefulness of a purely symbolic astrology, which was far greater in his day, when astrologers were forced to locate the planets using crude astronomical instruments or inaccurate outdated tables compiled centuries earlier. In the beginning of his treatise Of Astronomical Geomancy he explained: Because Astronomy is so transcendent and subtle an Art in it self, that therein a man ought to have respect unto so many things before he can attaine to true judgement thereby, because the eye of the understanding will not pierce unto the half thereof, and few Doctors of our later time have been found so experienced therein that they know sufficiently how to judge thereby; Therefore I have composed this work, which I will have to be named Astronomical Geomancy; wherein, I will sufficiently teach how to judge with less labour and study.

For in this present science it is not requisite to be hold neither the Ascendant, nor the hour in a Table, as it is in Astrology. The same cannot be said for a similar system of geomantic astrology. Each geomantic figure is made up of four rows composed of either one or two dots. The rows are derived by randomly poking parallel lines of marks in the ground with a stick. An odd number of marks results in one dot on the corresponding row of the figure; an even number of marks generates two dots on the figure.

Geomancy enjoyed great popularity in Rome and medieval Europe. Each geomantic figure bears a Latin name and is associated with one of the seven traditional planets and one of the twelve signs of the zodiac. The antiquity of the process of selecting the figures by randomly pricking marks in the soil lends it the authority of tradition. The occult rationale was that earth spirits would direct the fall of the stick and so determine the figures. Unfortunately, there are several things to be said against using geomancy as a mechanism for erecting astrological charts.

First, the relationship between each figure and its corresponding planet and sign appears to be arbitrary. In spite of the long tradition for this relationship, no obvious structure exists to justify it. Second, although the correspondence between the geomantic figures and the seven planets is universally accepted, there is no similar consensus over the correspondence between the figures and the signs of the zodiac. Why only twenty-two areas? Why not twenty-five?

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Or fifty? Or sixty-four? With the concepts in The Magical I Ching I not only had a link to traveling to numerous areas on the astral plane, but to areas where I could discover valuable answers during powerful divinations. Brennan suggests that you begin by making up 64 cards, one for each of the hexagrams, and laminate them. But I decided to try the system out before going to that trouble. I simply made up one card at time as needed, using a standard, blank, 3" x 5" card, a wide-tipped felt marking pen, and a ruler. Because I didn't have all of the cards in advance, I had to slightly modify the system given by Brennan.

Here is what I did. The Preparation: 1 I made a space to do the work, usually at a table in a room lit only with candles. I also had a regular ballpoint pen and a book for keeping a record of the divination. To "solidify" it I would write it on a card and turn the card over to show a blank side. Using the felt-tip pen on the card I would draw the hexagram in a large size. The Projection: Next, I followed the instructions in the book: "When you have your hexagram, instead of consulting the book for its meaning, you seat yourself comfortably, relax as fully as possible, then visualize the hexagram before you as a doorway; or if you find it easier, visualize a doorway with the hexagram painted on it.

Now wait as long as it takes for the doorway to open of its own accord. When it does so, step through The Experience: You may wonder what it is like to visit the astral plane through each of the hexagrams. I'll give a few of my personal experiences later. Brennan says this about it: "The various doorways engender reality tone on a sliding scale. At one end there is a vague, indistinct daydream. At the other, the subject [the person doing the divination] loses touch with physical reality and feels transported to another world.

For most people, you can confidently expect nothing more alarming than a vivid visionary experience.

Where deep trance does arise, the state itself seems relatively harmless, so that you can usually allow it to continue so long as the subject is not experiencing discomfort. Where the subject seems[s] distressed, verbal reassurance will often help if delivered calmly and confidently.

Full consciousness will eventually return, either directly or following a period of normal sleep. In short, this system seemed to be powerful, extensive, and safe. I started experimenting with it. Here are some of my results. I was paid well, but it was boring. Question: What should I do about my job situation? Experience: Following the pattern given above, I stared at the card until it opened. I stepped through and immediately found myself in an enormous room filled to my waist with round, lightweight spheres around four inches in diameter.

I saw a stairway at the far side of the room with a sign that said, "EXIT. Suddenly, a figure popped up, seemingly from nowhere. It handed me a card, but it was blank. I examined the card carefully. When I looked back up, both the figure and the spheres were gone. I climbed the stairs. At the top was a door which I opened. As I stepped through I found myself back in regular consciousness. My interpretation: I took all of the balls to mean that I was bogged down with petty things and not able to accomplish what I would like.

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This was absolutely true. However, I was driven forward. This meant to me that I needed to keep going and not give up. The figure and what it did means to me that I would receive a gift or letter which would help me get through this and move up the stairs to success. Interpretation according to the text: After I wrote down my interpretation, I looked up the hexagram in The Magical I Ching to verify that my experience was objectively valid. I feel that such validation is important when you are learning a new system.

It read, "Success is possible with perseverance, but only small things should be attempted. You will receive a message. Remain in your present position, resist the temptation to strive upwards and great good fortune becomes likely. Two months later a memo came down that described a restructuring of the business. To my surprise, I was put in a better position with more interesting things to do and more money. Analysis: My divinatory experience was a good match with what follows the tradition and accurately predicted what would come.

Question: What should I do about my restlessness? Experience: Following the pattern given above, I stared at the card with the hexagram I had drawn on it until it opened. I stepped through and immediately found myself buffered and battered around by enormous winds. I felt lost and frightened. The winds came from everywhere and at times were so powerful I could not catch my breath. They picked me up, throwing me this way and that.

I didn't know what to do. I surrendered to the winds. Slowly I became aware that there was actually a pattern in the blowing winds. I spread out my arms and found that I could ride the winds, almost like a surfer rides the ocean's waves. In the distance, I saw something that was a beautiful blue. I rode the wind-waves toward the color.