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Yet He can also readily go up again, or leap out of the scale! Christmas brings the good tidings that God is on the scale for us in this Child born of Mary. The humanity of Jesus makes God accessible. You will see how great is the divine goodness, which seeks above all else that you should not despair. Trust him!

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Here is the Child in whom is salvation. To me there is no greater consolation given to mankind than this, that Christ became man, a child, a babe, playing in the lap and at the breasts of his most gracious mother.

Who is there whom this sight would not comfort? Now is overcome the power of sin, death, hell, conscience, and guilt, if you come to judge this gurgling Babe and believe that he is come, not to judge you, but to save.

God clothes Himself in flesh to place Himself in the balance over against our sin, thus we are justified. But there is also this great comfort. God clothes Himself in flesh that we may approach Him without fear, in faith that this little Baby is the God of heaven and earth, and is our Savior who loves us and is one of us.

Martin Luthers Christmas Book

He is born into our misery and helplessness to redeem us from it. He is born in our flesh to redeem us for Himself. He is born to bridge the gap between sinful man and God. He is born the Son of Mary, that by His suffering and death and resurrection, we may be sons of God. Visit Beggars All on Facebook.

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