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While humans can do this with all kinds of people in their lives—lovers, friends, bosses—therapists tend to use it as a tool. I was impressed she gleaned this from a couple of emails and my online presence; I also felt very vulnerable. This was a commonality of other life coaches I spoke to.

While it may be very easy to mock one self-aware millennial packaging their relatively scant life experience to help improve the life of another, the surprising thing is this: For me, it was actually helpful. The definition of a life coach is a bit slippery. Though certification schemes exist—some respected and widely recognized , many not—there is no singular regulator, licensing body, or governing board.

Anyone, anywhere, quite literally, can call themselves a coach and practice across international borders. Because of this ambiguity, many coaches—be they spiritual, relationship, business, mindset, or wellness coaches—avoid the term entirely. When it comes to life coaching, I was told by several coaches I interviewed that people like me—who have completed enough therapy to be familiar with the fundamental issues that drive their emotional tendencies and neurosis—are a perfect candidate.

Bernstein extols a kind of deity-agnostic spirituality that serves as an all-inclusive offer: Get the universe on your side, and just about every other aspect of your life will fall into place too, including money, career, relationship, fertility, body, and personal fulfillment. The second is paid-for courses and online workshops, which are more affordable than individual coaching and many people can do at once. The third is one-to-one coaching, often done via video conference. For those with a large following, affiliate and sponsored content can also be a revenue stream.

She places no paid-for ads and garners all her clients—which she says range from 10 to 16 people per month, most seeing her on a monthly basis for up to one year— via social media and organic content marketing like blogs and newsletters. In fact, her foray into coaching was a result of this kind of organic marketing strategy too, when her own personal development led to a public-facing blog.

Life Coaching: A manual for helping professionals

It says a lot that I have given this book such high accolades! An excellent addition to the library reference collections of all counselors working with life coaching From Amazon Very highly recommended reading, Life Coaching: A Manual For Helping Professionals by workshop instructor and professional life coach Dave Ellis is an effective guide for all therapists, counselors, social workers, consultants, and other helping professionals searching for a comprehensive understanding of life coaching presented in a "user-friendly", easy to follow text.

Introducing an expert innovative interpretation an approach to life coaching, Life Coaching acts uncompromisingly as expert reference for readers in search of a more active, effective, and knowledgeably informed conceptual therapeutic framework. Life Coaching is an excellent addition to the library reference collections of all counselors working with life coaching. We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. Make sure to accept our cookies in order to get the best experience out of this website.

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Add to basket. Be the first to write a review About this product. About this product Product Information Life coaching is not therapy, but many of the qualities that therapists possess, naturally lend themselves to a life coaching approach. This is a guide to turning your natural people-helping skills into a profitable life coaching business. It appeals to therapists and counsellors used to conducting therapeutic interventions. Additional Product Features Author s.