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It limits to the north and to the east with Brazil, to the south with Paraguay and Argentina, and to the west with Chile and Peru, it is a state landlocked and constitutionally maintains a territorial claim to Chile for a sovereign exit to the Pacific Ocean.

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Its surface is the sixth largest in Latin America and includes different geographical areas such as the Andes, the Altiplano, the Amazon, the Llanos de Moxos and the Chaco, being one of the countries with the greatest biodiversity in the world. First the Incas and later the Spanish conquerors dominated the territory until the country became independent in That is why Bolivia in its current political constitution of the state was declared as a plurinational country to recognize that in its territory pre-exist several nations whose Origins even predate the arrival of Spanish colonization.

Bolivia is a developing country with a medium income and for more than a decade has led the economic growth of the South American region. It is in the process of joining Mercosur. It is currently ranked as one of the three safest countries in Latin America. Visa and Master Card are the most accepted.

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Certain commercial transactions can be made with checks from national banks and certificates from abroad. As well as in American dollars USD. Borders: Bordered north and east by Brazil, east and southeast by Paraguay, south by Argentina, south west by Chile and northwest by Peru. Altiplano: The highest area is more than m above sea level and is located between the two major Andean branches: the Western and Eastern Cordilleras, which have some of the highest peaks in the Americas.

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Frosts occur almost every month and snow is frequent. Valleys and Yungas: The sub-Andean area is intermediate between the altiplano and the plains and includes the valleys. The weather is warm. The northeastern humid winds are pushed towards the mountains, making this area wet and rainy. The temperatures fall with the increase of the height, nevertheless the snowfalls are possible in elevations that oscillate the 2, msnm. It is a land of plains and low plateaus, covered by extensive forests rich in flora and fauna.


The winds coming from the Amazon rain forest cause significant rainfall. From May, dry winds produce a minimum rainfall so the days are clear. In winter, strong winds from the south, called surazos, can bring cool temperatures for several days. The flag of Bolivia that is the main national symbol was adopted on October 31, and approved by law on November 5 of the same year during the government of Manuel Isidoro Belzu with the definitive colors of red, yellow and green.

By supreme decree of July 30, , it was determined that August 17 was commemorated as Flag Day. The National Coat of Arms of Bolivia is the national heraldic symbol of the country, as established in the Constitution and in accordance with the Supreme Decree of July 14, subsequently regulated by Supreme Decree No.

The culture of Bolivia is characterized by having a great diversity of expressions as a result of the variety of geographical scenarios that its current territory comprises, as well as the ethnic diversity that characterize it. In Bolivia there are around 40 ethnic groups, which in many cases preserve their traditions, cultures and languages. Personal use only; commercial use is strictly prohibited for details see Privacy Policy and Legal Notice.

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