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Alias Alias 5 5 silver badges 18 18 bronze badges. Edgar Edgar 1 1 silver badge 10 10 bronze badges. CfQueryParam is very important, but not nearly enough. Dave Ostrander Dave Ostrander 2 2 silver badges 5 5 bronze badges. Featured on Meta. We will take a look at the methods available in the BaseORMService, how to setup and being using ColdBox's VirtualService layer, and also look at the powerful criteria builder that is available to you.

Every developer has their basic toolset - a robust IDE, source control and a good bug tracker. But what else is in your toolbox?

Hack Proofing ColdFusion - 1st Edition

In this presentation I'll explore some additional tools that can increase your productivity and allow you to concentrate on developing applications. Autohotkey can do simple text replacements and well as complex GUIs! All of these are free, open-source and for the most part have similar equivalents available on all three platforms - Windows, Mac and Linux.

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  7. In this presentation we will focus on Windows. Learn about how you can setup a local development environment that closely mimics your production system. In this session we will discuss how to setup a multiple instance install of ColdFusion with Apache virtual hosts along with a great combination of Eclipse plugins. Couple this setup with a test database powered by MySQL and a solid source code control system and you have a powerful development environment setup on your workstation.

    Finally, learn how to automate deployment with ant to make your setup consistence across all your team members' machines. This webcasts highlights new features and refines in the latest and upcoming release of CouchDB. It rehashes old solutions to problems that are now way easier to solve. We look at how the new features help you make your life and development work easier. Chock full of awesome!

    Adobe plans to turn CF into a multi-cloud platform. Naresh even foresees a future where companies keep bits of their applications and IT operations scattered across several cloud providers. Maybe the ID check portion of your web application will be on a cloud provider who has a good reputation for security, while your database will be on a provider with lots of storage at a reasonable price. Diversifying your cloud services is a surefire way to keep your applications running, should one of the major services crash.

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    By using special developer tools like Docker more on that later and ColdFusion in tandem, your apps can run on the cloud with minimal upfront costs for new servers. This means the initial outlay and overhead to get your project going falls well short of whatever you have budgeted. Or when your Google Home starts learning your habits better than you do? Many future applications and innovations will involve more seamless integration of tech into our lives.

    Alexa or Google Home are just the beginning. Broadly speaking, this IoT will merge together the other electronic appliances in your life. Your fridge, your toaster, your coffee maker, washer, dryer, television. These are all going to be augmented by new IoT advances.

    It only makes sense tech will become our butler. Coffee machines will also get a brain of their own, and prep your morning cup of Joe just like your local barista. This Internet of Things phenomena will also branch out into other fields, such as medicine.

    Book Hack Proofing Cold Fusion

    Monitoring devices hooked up to a patient can be networked to communicate a clearer picture to doctors using a single interface. The IoT will even move over into parenting, health a scale that reminds your fitness tracker to get you moving and even your morning commute. But groggily thanking your coffee machine in the morning has its downsides, namely security issues. And it could lead to chaos. Vulnerabilities have already been found in IoT devices such as webcams, cardiac devices and.

    Yes, as in the car. Blockchain has become the shiny new toy the entire tech world wants to exploit. Blockchain diversifies security by spreading the job of managing access through multiple, loosely-linked servers, each providing only one piece of a broader puzzle. Deploying it in the internet of things makes devices much less hackable. Besides ColdFusion, of course. You have a demanding job. You need to make sure operations continue humming along without many headaches. Switching over to a new programming language, or jumping back to ColdFusion, may seem daunting.

    A phobia of the unknown is common. There are plenty of problems which can appear out of nowhere. Days, whole careers even, can be ruined.

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    Technical debt is the accumulation, over time, of bad habits, code degradation and shoddy design. This includes deliberate shortcuts made in the development phase in order to get the application out quicker.

    Technical debt can also mean not future-proofing your code as best you can. Fortunately, ColdFusion has tools and elegant coding necessary to avoid that debt trap altogether. There are even some frameworks that can prevent technical debt from accumulating. Budgets are tight, and the accounting department must be satisfied with the choices you make.

    Over time, the efficiencies and peace-of-mind which come with using ColdFusion offers a spectacular return on investment. Better-equipped developers and operations teams testing products in real time can turn projects around at a faster pace. Lower odds of mistakes mean less time troubleshooting. And security?

    It pays for itself. About 40 percent of CFers use Lucee, making it one of the more vibrant venues for ColdFusion innovation.


    It has the same awesome tag-based structure and a set of features designed to make programming easy. Or you could stick with Lucee. The community of developers tweaking and adding features to Lucee has helped keep alive and, by extension, invigorated ColdFusion as well. Some naysayers and snobbish developers suggest ColdFusion has run its course. Well into its 24th year and counting! About 60 percent of companies on the Fortune list use ColdFusion! They either accumulate too much technical debt and decide it better to scrap everything.

    Or they do not take advantage of containers to test their code before letting it out into the wild. But the stragglers may be the worst. A lot of developers and CIOs, for various reasons, do not upgrade to newer versions and miss out on improvements. The nature and purpose of a programming language are changing rapidly.

    ColdFusion has a long track record to keeping pace and evolving as necessary. The whole idea of a dying markup language seems a bit silly in this era. For a few reasons. First, applications live longer than ever before. Many were left in the dust. Remember back when search engines were not named Google? Stability rules, and applications live longer as a result.

    Their programming language does too. Not for CFML! Developers tend to rely on what they already know. That muscle memory makes them stick with familiar languages, rather than move on to other, often better, options. A developer or member of the operations team fearing a switch to CFML is often fearing the unfamiliar. Or ditched it in a huff when something else was briefly en vogue. Most CFers have tried the language once, and stuck with it ever since. Besides, any worries about taking on ColdFusion are silly. Good practices and quality control will help your team make the most out of ColdFusion.

    Hack Proofing™ ColdFusion

    With all the revenue and intellectual property in question, picking a programming language can sometimes feel like choosing an armored truck. Are the doors securely locked? Do the drivers get to choose who can get in and out? How hard does a thief have to work to break in? Is it bullet-proof? This is often a major concern for CIOs.