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Are the students at school? Have they not studied for a number of years? Are they familiar with grammar terminology? Adults who have not been attending school for a number of years are likely to find grammar explanations confusing while as students who are currently studying will probably be much more adept at understanding grammar charts , expressions, etc. What learning materials and resources are available?

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Do you have the latest student workbooks? Do you have no workbooks at all?

What is spoken grammar?

Is there a computer in the classroom? The more learning resources you have the easier it will be for you to employ different strategies when teaching your students grammar. For example, a group of students who like using computers could use the computer to study a certain grammar task while another group who prefers spoken explanations might prefer to have you explain the point with a number of examples. Obviously, the more varieties of learning opportunities the better your chances are that each student will be able to learn the grammar point well.

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What kind of learning style does each student have? Is the learner comfortable with standard right brain learning techniques logical charts, study sheets, etc. Does the learner work better with listening and repeating exercises? This is one of the most difficult aspects of teaching - especially teaching grammar. If you have a class of learners with similar learning styles, you can afford to use a similar approach.

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However, if you have a class of mixed learning styles then you need to try to provide instruction using as many different methods as possible. Generally, we recommend the following class structure when teaching grammar skills:. Begin with an exercise, game, listening, etc. Finally got around to it and… wow!

Spoken Grammar is a teacher training course. It provides teachers with techniques and materials for teaching conversational grammar — typically to learners at intermediate level or above. There are about three hours of lectures on the course which highlight a wide range of spoken grammar, and give an insight into how these features could be taught in the classroom. The format of each lecture is the same.

First the topic is introduced. Then each topic is explained in a short video lecture usually between minutes.

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This usually consists of…. However, there might be forums used on other Udemy courses. The overall content is varied and for the most part extremely useful for my learners.

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Ken mentions how his choice of the target language described on the course was underpinned by patterns from language corpora, and also points out when features are more interesting for teachers to notice rather relevant for input e. I love some of the choices of target language, as they are certainly not your typical coursebook grammar points.

Verb binominals was a new one for me, and the section on vague language is brilliant and incredibly… sort of… useful te he. I just love the content in general — it would certainly complement our task-led syllabus at work and would be perfect as a focus for our conversation classes. Each lesson has an accompanying handout which highlights the procedures teachers could follow to teach each grammar point. It is a great way to enhance your subject knowledge and offers some nice practical ideas to integrate the teaching of spoken grammar into your lessons.

Subsequently, this has become a fairly standard part of my teaching practice, i. I like this — it gives you the feel that Ken is a real practitioner who thinks critically about the language he is teaching and the impact it may have on the learners. As I said, the handouts are more an ideas bank than a lesson. With this in mind, I think a bit of guidance on salient features of pronunciation which the teacher could address might be useful.

Just a bit of guidance I think would be useful. Am I asking for a course about spoken grammar to be a course about pronunciation instead? Ha, maybe. But the two go hand in hand and this could be exploited.